All DittoForm production activities and scan appointments are On Hold for this time period. Travel will resume… (?tbd?)…when it’s safe for both our clients and staff to travel to a convenient location.

Aug. 18-21 – VA, DC, MD, PA — it’s a quick trip, but I might be able to fit you in. Email Me ASAP! 


September 25-26:  Indianapolis, IN*

October tbd:  NC/SC/GA/TN loop   And/Or   Texas (Dallas/Houston)

November 13-14:  LaGrange, IL*

*Limited times Friday afternoon/evening, Saturday morning

Email Me to Express Your Interest! 

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We take Requests

DittoForm often picks a sewing or cosplay event as a base. We will be available to come to you on request. As we’ll need to be really careful about covering overhead (Travel Costs) we’ll need a Minimum of six or more serious customers. Email Us with YOUR location and we’ll add it to other requests from the area.