We’re doing “Travel Site” scan appointments a bit different than Pre-Pandemic events.

We’ve found that “in home” visits work quite well.

We can do two-three locations within a limited distance per day. We bring all the equipment and some privacy screens. All you need is a clear floor space (7 x 9), electricity, and either WiFi or a strong Verizon cellular signal.  If you have a garage space, we don’t even need to enter your house!

*All sanitization and Covid-related mandated restrictions and requirements are followed or exceeded. Masks for all persons present in household REQUIRED.


2021 – ideas, tentative plans (to be confirmed)




Christmas holidays (Dec. 19 – 28 in planning)  

Detroit, MI ->  south via Charlotte, NC and Savannah, GA to Tampa/Bradenton, FL … north via Knoxville -> Detroit, MI

Email Me for Details! 

*Trips are subject to change and potential cancellation following public health advisories — or if fewer than 8 scan appointments are scheduled.



Connecticut / NYC / New Jersey / Philadelphia / DC 



Chicago, IL / Madison, WI / Minneapolis, MN



Boston (and New England?)

Denver (and Plains States?)



Southwest US



For quicker updates, follow us:



We take Requests

DittoForm often picks a sewing or cosplay event as a base. We will be available to come to you on request. As we’ll need to be really careful about covering overhead (Travel Costs) we’ll need a Minimum of six or more serious customers. Email Us with YOUR location and we’ll add it to other requests from the area.