We are updating our travel schedule regularly, please scroll down!

DittoForm is located in Madison Heights (Metro Detroit Area), Michigan. This is where the forms are actually carved and shipped from. We are also performing scans here.

But you will find us on the road quite often covering the mainland US to meet you where you are to take your scans so you don’t have to travel.

We bring our state of the art scanning equipment to your house or a place of your/our choice, at no extra charge!

If you are not local to the Detroit area or out of state, please check out our proposed scan schedule below and contact us if you want to be added to an area we will visit this year.

Proposed Routes in 2022

*subject to change based on demand*specific locations are On Request (in homes, not typically set in advance)

**requests from businesses or sewing groups to collaborate encouraged (compensation possible)

***we consider stops that would detour from this plan

We would love to add your location to our requests for your area! Please email DittoForm.

May / June

Exact days / stops determined by YOU

Friday May 20 Chicago area
Saturday May 21 Racine/Milwaukee
Sunday May 22 – Monday May 23 Madison and west to Minneapolis
Tuesday May 24 Minnesota (TBD, available up to 3 hours drive from Minneapolis)
Wednesday May 25 – Saturday May 28    Costume Society of America Symposium  
   location: Radisson Blu in Bloomfield MN    

**Thursday afternoon May 26 open scan times 2pm, 3pm, 4pm

Tuesday May 31 Northwestern Iowa
Wednesday June 1 Lincoln NE
Thursday June 2 “on the way back to Detroit”  

June / July

Exact days / stops determined by YOU

Thursday June 23  Cincinnati OH 
Friday June 24 St Louis MO 
Saturday June 25  Oklahoma City (Edmond & Hugo) OK 
Monday June 27  Dallas/Fort Worth TX 
Tuesday June 28 Austin TX 
Wednesday June 29 San Antonio TX
Thursday June 30-July 3
     ASG Meeting – Marriott Riverwalk San Antonio

Tuesday July 5 Houston TX area
Wednesday July 6 Louisiana
Thursday July 7 Mississippi 
Friday July 8 Alabama
Saturday July 9 Western TN & KY


Exact days / stops determined by YOU

Monday August 14 NORTHERN OHIO

Tuesday August 14 NORTHERN PENN
Wednesday August 16 UPSTATE NEW YORK
Thursday August 17 VERMONT
Friday August 18NEW HAMPSHIRE
Saturday August 19 MAINE
Sunday August 20 BOSTON MASS
Monday August 21 CONN
Tuesday August 22 NYC
Wednesday August 23 NEW JERSEY
Thursday August 24 DE/MD
Friday August 25 DC

September / October: SouthWest US

Colorado / Utah / New Mexico / Arizona

November / December: Gulf Coast

Texas / Alabama / Florida

How it works


We have found that In-Home-Visits work quite well and that customers appreciate the privacy of their own home while being scanned. Therefore, we can do two to three locations within a limited distance per day. We bring all the equipment and some privacy screens. All you need is a clear floor space (7ft x 9ft), electricity, and either WiFi or a strong Verizon cellular signal. If you have a garage space, we don’t even need to enter your house!

All sanitization and Covid-related mandated restrictions and requirements are followed or exceeded. Masks for all persons present in household REQUIRED.

If you would like to schedule your in-home appointment or have any questions or concerns about your in-home appointment, please email DittoForm


2022 Trips are subject to change and potential cancellation following public health advisories. All sanitization and Covid-related mandated restrictions and requirements are followed or exceeded. Masks for all persons present in household are REQUIRED.


The current price for a DittoForm is $1750.00.

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