DittoForm’s production facility is in the Detroit Metro Area. Book during Open Appointment Times on our Booking System. Or send us an email!

Scan Travel Schedule for 2024

Schedule is being developed by Serious Requests

We would love to add your location to our requests for your area! Please email DittoForm.

*subject to change based on demand*specific locations are On Request (in homes, not typically set in advance)

**requests from businesses or sewing groups to collaborate encouraged (compensation possible)

***we consider stops that would detour from this plan

Contact us to be added to the schedule!


We have found that In-Home-Visits work quite well and that customers appreciate the privacy of their own home while being scanned. Therefore, we can do two to three locations within a limited distance per day. We bring all the equipment and some privacy screens. All you need is a clear floor space (7ft x 9ft) and electricity. If you have a garage space, we don’t even need to enter your house!

If you would like to schedule your in-home appointment or have any questions or concerns about your in-home appointment, please email DittoForm


The current price for a DittoForm is $1975.00.

We will provide recommendations for the stand – or we can facilitate the order of stand for an additional fee.

Sales tax collected as required by state laws.

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