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I LOVE my DittoForm!  It’s true to my own 3-D body, even capturing the side that leans slightly.  It’s so much easier now to do alterations, pattern fitting, draping, and design.  

The company is committed to accuracy and a super easy, trust-worthy customer-friendly experience.  Everything happened exactly as they said it would.  

I’ve sewn my own clothes for 55 years, struggling with top-of-the-line “adjustable” Dritz forms (that never worked), a custom plaster/fiberglass form (that never worked), and a custom basic pattern/muslin created by a master tailor (that didn’t work for alterations or draping).  My DittoForm WORKS!

FYI – I bought a stand online from Mannequin Madness – also very easy to work with.  It’s solid, well-built, easy to assemble, arrived quickly and on-time.  

Thank you, Carol Huls and everyone at DittoForm!  

Connie C., Boulder, Colorado, December 2022

I’ve made a pair of summer pants and some tank tops. My favorite is the Ogden Cami from True Bias patterns. It’s a really cute top with spaghetti straps. I’ve made it in a few colors and patterns and I wear them constantly. I love being able to adjust each shoulder differently for my scoliosis. I made a bunch of adjustments to a simple racerback tank pattern so it fits me perfectly. No gaps on one side showing my bra.  

AH – June 2022

I love, love, love my Dittoform!! I have adapted several patterns to fit me since I got it. One of the patterns, a blouse by an indie pattern maker in New Zealand, would have NEVER fit me out of the envelope had I not had the DittoForm to make the necessary changes.

PK – February 2021

Having the DittoForm was very helpful.  For the first time I used a full bust adjustment and a prominent shoulder blade adjustment.  I have concluded that I [have previously] used a pattern size that was too broad in the shoulders. I had been choosing a pattern based on the bust measurement.  This resulted in the pattern being too wide in the shoulders.  This time I bought a size smaller pattern. 

AL – February 2021

I picked up my DittoForm on Monday. I love it!!! I put one of my blouses on it Monday, and now *finally* understand why things haven’t fit correctly–my neck and shoulders are in a weird position. I’m excited to start sewing with it this weekend! 

BC – April 2019