High-Tech 3D Body Scans

To create our DittoForms, We use Styku’s 3D body scanning system, the first system of its kind, to yield a comprehensive report of body measurements.

After your scan is complete, we send you an electronic copy of the report in various formats. Please note DittoForm’s scanning reports have been designed specifically for us and could look different from reports produced by other Styku scanners. The printed results are NOT designed to plug directly into pattern making software or to be used immediately for drafting. The reports and images provide quality control for the finished product.

The process for the scan with our 3D camera is simple, harmless, and non-invasive. For more information on what the process of being scanned is like, you can see our How it Works page. You can also watch this brief video on the Styku scanning platform.

Body scan yields measurements instantly that we review with you
You will receive a comprehensive report of the measurements taken by the scan, emailed to you as a PDF
Report includes silhouettes of your body from the front and side so you get a custom croquis that you can use for planning or drawing design ideas
See detailed snapshots of your measurements from all angles