We now offer solutions for the apparel industry, including:

  • Fit model scanning services
  • Scan editing (making scans symmetrical, cleaning occluded areas, and checking or adjusting measurements to match your specifications)
  • Manufacturing dress forms from 3D scans or avatars — your scans or ours

Because we have the ability to scan any individual, we offer an efficient way to replicate fit models of body types not typically produced by other professional dress form manufacturers. We work closely with our customers– whether they are niche design companies or big industry players– to understand their unique needs and create a form that improves the design and testing process.

Creating professional industry forms follows these steps:

  1. Scan the fit model
  2. Scan made symmetrical and edited as needed to match measurement specifications, then cropped as a torso, full body form, or pants form
  3. Company reviews the edited scan and measurements and approves
  4. We manufacture the DittoForm from the approved 3D scans

Form more information on our industry solutions please contact us.