DittoForm’s Detroit Studio and Travel Locations use Styku. You stand on a slowly rotating turntable in a private room while the scanner measures your body and creates a 3D image
Body scan yields measurements instantly that we review with you
DittoForm (left) made from 3D body scan data (right)

The DittoForm is a durable foam dress form created from a 3D scan of your body. Here is how the process works:

STEP 1: You get a 3D body scan in Detroit, at one of our travel locations, or at an approved Vendor.

Detroit and Travel Locations Approved Scan Vendors


STEP 2: You dress for the scan. The camera sees and measures every surface as if it is your body, including clothing. Clothing creates increased measurements and can smooth over curves. We recommend basic foundation garments so the camera is able to see you and not be tricked by your clothing.

We recommend that women wear just a bra (similar to what you wear most often) and underwear. Caveat: If you normally wear shapewear under your custom-sewn garments, you may prefer to wear it for the scan. Keeping in mind that leggings, leotards, tank tops, etc. can add volume.

For men, we suggest form-fitting briefs or boxer-briefs.

For more information, download this handy guide: Getting Ready for your 3D Body Scan.

STEP 3: We scan you. The scan takes place in a curtained booth or private room.

DittoForm performed scans use Styku: The scanning device is a turntable that spins, slowly, for about 60 seconds. A harmless infrared depth scanner measures your body as the table turns, generating a 3D image of you.

Approved Scan Vendors have different systems from hand-held scan devices to systems that use multiple cameras. Please check with vendors for specific details about their system.

STEP 4: We take hand measurements. We compare the scan measurements with key hand measurements for accuracy and also use these for specific production guides. The scan report will have straight horizontal lines and measurements. The hand measurements use visual landmarks. The combined result ensures the most accurate final form. NOTE: This information is Not The Best to immediately start drafting patterns using the math as the reports are designed for DittoForm construction.

A note about measurements: Because the torso expands and contracts while you breathe, we typically see results from the body scan within 1/4″ – 1/2″ of the hand measurements we take with you. For measurements that change significantly as you inhale and exhale (such as the bust areas, narrowest waist, and belly) we will document an acceptable range for your body’s natural fluctuations and will ensure that the final form falls within the agreed upon range.

Note: Currently all of our scanning technicians at DittoForm and Approved Scan Vendors are female.

STEP 6: We review all information, make sure you understand the reports, answer your questions… send you an invoice and you place your order!

Clients having DittoForm performed scans will have the option of completing this all at the scan appointment.

Measurement Reports and Files created by Approved Scan Vendors will be shared with clients and forwarded to DittoForm. DittoForm will call clients to complete the DittoForm order.

STEP 7: We send the DittoForm for manufacturing.

STEP 8: Your custom DittoForm is shipped to you and the fun begins! We commit to a turn-around time of no more than 8 weeks.

How much does it cost?