We do our best to make ordering your custom DittoForm as easy and convenient as possible for you. DittoForm travels the country to scan you where you are. We aim to have your DittoForm shipped within 8 weeks after scanning. 

The cost of a DittoForm is $1975.00. Please refer to our pricing page for information about what is included as well as our payment plan.


The video below shows our process and how the scanning part works perfectly:


Are you ready to get started?

Book Your Appointment

  • Consult our travel schedule and appointment booking page to see when DittoForm will be in your area or available in the Detroit area
  • DittoForm will email you preparation tips and a purchase agreement prior to your appointment.

Get Your Scan

  • The digital body scan will take place in a curtained booth or private room
  • You will stand in a natural pose and we will move the handheld scanning device around you.
  • We recommend that women wear the bra and underwear garments similar to what you wear most often, for men, we suggest form-fitting briefs or boxer briefs
  • We take additional hand measurements for use in quality control.

Get your DittoForm

  • You will view and approve the image to be used in the carving process.
  • Once your DittoForm is fully carved we will ship to the address provided.
  • The whole process from scanning to shipping takes up to 8 weeks