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Like most professional dress forms, DittoForm is not automatically adjustable by pushing a button. Please note: A DittoForm is a snapshot in time. Various factors affect the details of your shape from day to day: what you have eaten, your posture, being fatigued or breathing patterns. We do our best to capture the best, most usable shape for your projects.

If you are someone whose weight fluctuates significantly (more than 10 pounds up and down in three months or so), and you make clothes for every phase of your swing, DittoForm may not be an appropriate product for you. Each DittoForm is custom-crafted for each customer and is not refundable or returnable.

Yes – we CAN make adjustments. But “taking off two inches around your waist” is not as easy as an equal reduction in circumference. We have found post-production edits to be extremely problematic:  When “remove weight loss” or “adjust the shoulders to where I prefer them to be”, you enter the realm of art over science. We strongly recommend using a realistic body and can help you understand that what you see on the DittoForm may be difficult, but isn’t Wrong. So… Yes. The foam is able to be carved, meaning can be carved smaller if you lose weight in a particular area. It can be padded out with batting applied under the cover if you gain weight. Each case is different. We will work with you for the best solution. Pricing for post-production alterations by DittoForm will be determined case by case.

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