Like most professional dress forms, DittoForm is not automatically adjustable by pushing a button. The foam is carvable, so it can be whittled smaller if you lose weight in a particular area. It can be padded out with batting applied under the cover if you gain weight. We have some do-it-yourself instructional videos, or if you’d prefer, you can send it back to us for adjustments. Each case is different. We will work with you for the best solution. If this adjustment is minor (less than 1″), in one specific easily identifiable area (your stomach area OR hip area) within a year of your purchase, we will do the work for free and pay one of the ways shipping. If your weight loss/gain is larger than one inch or spread among in different areas, getting the contours correctly puts us back into the challenges one has when adjusting a commercial dress form. If your weight loss/gain is dramatic and you wish to have another DittoForm made, we will work with you on pricing on a case by case basis. We are particularly empathetic to changes resulting from health challenges.

If you are someone whose weight fluctuates significantly (more than 10 pounds up and down in three months or so), DittoForm may not be an appropriate product for you. Each DittoForm is custom-crafted for each customer and is not refundable or returnable.

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