We recommend that women wear just a bra (similar to what you wear most often) and underwear. If you normally wear shapewear under your custom-sewn garments, you may prefer to wear it for the scan. Non-shiny pantyhose or plain black leggings will work. Just know that the DittoForm will have the shape and size of what is exposed to the scanner. The 3D scanner cannot detect your body contours beneath your clothing. Wearing a tank top, for example, can smooth over cleavage and the curve of your spine.

On the other hand, if you typically wear foundation garments that compress (and readjust) certain softer areas – or your clothing style has a similar effect (think tight jeans) – then wear something that will give you the shape you want to capture.

For men, we suggest form-fitting boxer-briefs or just briefs.

Unless your hair is short, please bring something to pull your hair up and off of your neck.

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