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That sounds like it would be good, right? I hear a lot of people say: “I don’t want to see myself.”  I understand. I do. When I first got my DittoForm, it was the first one from a new machinist. I measured it 100s of times, convinced the calibration was off. It wasn’t. It was spot on. I hadn’t ever seen myself in greyscale from behind… it was tough. But once I got used to it, it has been so helpful.

Another thing I hear is “I’m going to cover up those lumps and bumpy parts anyway — my shirts will hang straight there, so make the DittoForm straight there”. The trouble with that approach is without the lumps and bumps you won’t really know what will hang straight and what will catch on the bumps! While the foam isn’t soft or warm and the fabric will hang just a little different on you then on the form — a drag line on you, will be a drag will on the DittoForm. If your shirt hem tends to twist on you – it will on the DittoForm. (So you can figure out why – and what to do about it!)

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