Each DittoForm costs $1475 total plus any applicable sales tax. See More Information about Pricing and Shipping Here

To book a scan with DittoForm at a Travel Site or at the Detroit studio, a $100 non-refundable deposit/scan fee is required at the time of booking. For DittoForms ordered via PersonalFashion, a $300 deposit/scan fee is required at the time of booking (see their site for cancellation policy).

Why is PersonalFashion scan more expensive? The main difference is the equipment. PersonalFashion uses Artec Eva Light, which is high-precision engineering grade scanner. It gives us amazing resolution of the scans but comes at a price of making file processing more complicated and time consuming.

The remaining balance $1375 for DittoForm scans and $1175 for PersonalFashion scans is due at the time of the order. The final cost is the same regardless of scan location.

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