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Each DittoForm costs $1475 total plus any applicable sales tax.

To book a scan with DittoForm at a Travel Site or at the Detroit studio, a $100 non-refundable deposit/scan fee is required at the time of booking.

The remaining balance $1375 for DittoForm scans (plus those pesky taxes, of course)

Shipping is Free to the continental US.


NOTE:  Approved Scan Vendors may set their own price for the scan. They do not receive a commission from DittoForm.

The final cost to Order a DittoForm using an Approved Scan Vendor is $1475 (plus taxes) – $100 discount (for using the Approved Scan Vendor) = $1375 (plus those pesky taxes).

Shipping is Free to to continental US.

***CAVEAT: through 2019- Personal Fashion has a separate agreement. The total final cost is the same, but paid to Personal Fashion.

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