Very! DittoForms capture Your body shape.  The measurements are typically accurate to within a quarter to half an inch, depending on the area of the body.

We’ve found that in the parts of your body that expand and contract when you breathe (especially the bust and stomach/waist), you can expect to see measurements that reflect your average measurements. These measurements are generally 0.25-0.75″ (1-2 cm) greater than your body in its relaxed state, but accurate for your body when you are breathing in.

There is a degree of “squishiness” to the real body that we cannot fully replicate with the form, but the measurements afford considerable accuracy for fitting and drafting patterns. A DittoForm is NOT an EXACT copy of you. You are human. A DittoForm is foam. Clothing will hang on the DittoForm in the same ways that it does on you – eg. if a shirt has drag lines in a certain area when you wear it, it will have drag lines in the same place when it is on the DittoForm.

Our professional 3D scanning software gives us instant, real-time feedback on the measurements taken by the scanner. We review these measurements with you at the time of the scan and make sure everything is acceptable before the DittoForm is purchased and goes into production. This way you will know what dimensions to expect from the final product.

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