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Yes. While our expertise is in making the scan into a DittoForm, you can opt to just have the scan completed for $100 (paid at the time of booking).

You will receive a detailed print out of your measurements and images of your body silhouette. Please note the software was not designed to capture “clothing measurement” lines. The files are accurate, but the pdf rendering can be tricky. For example, your waist line might not be the exact horizontal that the program algorithm designates it should be. We can move and place horizontal and vertical lines on the final version so the report most useful to you. We take hand-measurements to augment the report. Please call if you’d like more explanation.  *The unedited stl file is available to you on request.

In order to use that scan file to order completed DittoForm, you would need to place your order and make payment in full by three months from that scan.

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