We do not recommend getting a scan just for the measurements. The dimensions are accurate, however, the files are not calibrated to produce reports in a format that are usable for pattern drafting. For example, the narrowest waist line generated by the software is at placed at the narrowed circumference horizontal to the floor — often an underbust (not particularly useful).

Our process doesn’t use calculations and math to set the carving – it uses the picture itself. That’s how we can do asymmetries, slopes, angles and curves. We take hand measurements as an extra step to ensure that we capture specific details of the parts of you that might not be visible on the picture (most specifically underarms, overbust, and shoulder areas.


Some of our Vendors are able to use the image files to generate Master Patterns. (Software Tailoring)

There may be other uses for the image files. Please contact us if you want to see if our files will work for your purpose.


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