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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. While our expertise is in making the scan into a DittoForm, you can opt to just have the scan completed for $100 (paid at the time of booking).

You will receive a detailed print out of your measurements and images of your body silhouette. Please note the software was not designed to capture “clothing measurement” lines. The files are accurate, but the pdf rendering can be tricky. For example, your waist line might not be the exact horizontal that the program algorithm designates it should be. We can move and place horizontal and vertical lines on the final version so the report most useful to you. We take hand-measurements to augment the report. Please call if you’d like more explanation.  *The unedited stl file is available to you on request.

In order to use that scan file to order completed DittoForm, you would need to place your order and make payment in full by three months from that scan.

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PLEASE ALSO NOTE: The total price has been reduced from $1500 to $1475 starting January 2019 because we are NOT INCLUDING A STAND.  (We plan to introduce a locally-made custom option later this year.)

You will need to order a stand!!!

We recommend something like one of these options:





Each DittoForm includes a top pole with hook so it can be hung from a tension bar (or such) and includes a lower pole support for a stand with up to a 1 1/8″ pipe (for pole-mounted from below, through the center between legs)

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We commit to a ship date 8 weeks out from the date your 3D Body Scan is conducted. We will ship the DittoForm earlier if it is complete. We always check with you first to make sure you will be home to sign for it!

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No, the Kinect, which is the device we use for scanning, will not interfere with a pacemaker and is safe. The device emits only a low level of infrared light which has zero impact on a pacemaker. The Kinect product guide lists it as a Class 1 laser device, which you can read about here and here.

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Very! DittoForms capture Your body shape.  The measurements are typically accurate to within a quarter to half an inch, depending on the area of the body.

We’ve found that in the parts of your body that expand and contract when you breathe (especially the bust and stomach/waist), you can expect to see measurements that reflect your average measurements. These measurements are generally 0.25-0.75″ (1-2 cm) greater than your body in its relaxed state, but accurate for your body when you are breathing in.

There is a degree of “squishiness” to the real body that we cannot fully replicate with the form, but the measurements afford considerable accuracy for fitting and drafting patterns. A DittoForm is NOT an EXACT copy of you. You are human. A DittoForm is foam. Clothing will hang on the DittoForm in the same ways that it does on you – eg. if a shirt has drag lines in a certain area when you wear it, it will have drag lines in the same place when it is on the DittoForm.

Our professional 3D scanning software gives us instant, real-time feedback on the measurements taken by the scanner. We review these measurements with you at the time of the scan and make sure everything is acceptable before the DittoForm is purchased and goes into production. This way you will know what dimensions to expect from the final product.

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Like most professional dress forms, DittoForm is not automatically adjustable by pushing a button. The foam is carvable, so it can be whittled smaller if you lose weight in a particular area. It can be padded out with batting applied under the cover if you gain weight. We have some do-it-yourself instructional videos, or if you’d prefer, you can send it back to us for adjustments. Each case is different. We will work with you for the best solution. If this adjustment is minor (less than 1″), in one specific easily identifiable area (your stomach area OR hip area) within a year of your purchase, we will do the work for free and pay one of the ways shipping. If your weight loss/gain is larger than one inch or spread among in different areas, getting the contours correctly puts us back into the challenges one has when adjusting a commercial dress form. If your weight loss/gain is dramatic and you wish to have another DittoForm made, we will work with you on pricing on a case by case basis. We are particularly empathetic to changes resulting from health challenges.

If you are someone whose weight fluctuates significantly (more than 10 pounds up and down in three months or so), DittoForm may not be an appropriate product for you. Each DittoForm is custom-crafted for each customer and is not refundable or returnable.

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Yes — it is very lightweight (most are less than 10 lbs or 4.5 kg) and the hook at the neck can be used to hang the DittoForm in a closet.

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The DittoForm is constructed from a firm but slightly compressible foam that is completely pinable and durable. We use a UV-resistant, closed cell foam that is similar to memory foam. *It is latex-free.

The DittoForm is covered with a thin cotton and lycra jersey knit fabric, adding as little material extra to the body measurements as possible. The standard color for the cover is a heather grey material. We can special order another color for you or use material you provide for an additional fee ($25)

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In Detroit, Michigan by some amazing craftspeople. The majority of the materials are USA-made products.

Building these forms give us the opportunity to give work to more people, and that makes us happy.

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  1. We have a Studio in Detroit, Michigan. You can see available times by clicking on the location on This Page.
  2. You can go to PersonalFashion in the Los Angeles area. See their website for details.
  3. NEW FOR 2019: we’re on the road!!  Our travel schedule can be found here.


If you have six or more people interested in purchasing a DittoForm if scanning were done in your city, please contact us and we’ll work out how to get there.

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We recommend that women wear just a bra (similar to what you wear most often) and underwear. If you normally wear shapewear under your custom-sewn garments, you may prefer to wear it for the scan. Non-shiny pantyhose or plain black leggings will work. Just know that the DittoForm will have the shape and size of what is exposed to the scanner. The 3D scanner cannot detect your body contours beneath your clothing. Wearing a tank top, for example, can smooth over cleavage and the curve of your spine. This can cause horizontal measurements such as your waist to be recorded as larger than it actually is.

For men, we suggest form-fitting boxer-briefs or just briefs.

Unless your hair is short, please bring something to pull your hair up and off of your neck.

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We place an extremely high value on confidentiality. If you wish to have a DittoForm made and sent to another person (a relative or seamstress), we can, of course, do that at your request. Just let us know when scheduling the scan and when giving us the delivery details. No one else will be able to order a DittoForm from your image. You cannot order a DittoForm of anyone else. We do not sell the graphic files, ever.


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DittoForms are unique, one-of-a-kind item. They are NOT returnable and NOT refundable. You will be asked to acknowledge that you understand that the DittoForm will not be Exactly you. (You are Human. It is Foam.)

If you receive your DittoForm and find it has too much or too little it places that it should have less or more, we will work with you to make it right. We’ll do our best to make sure you have a DittoForm that will make your sewing easier.

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