What Does a DittoForm cost?  $1500


Price Structure for DittoForm Orders

 DittoForm ScanApproved Scan VendorNon-Approved Vendor
Prior to Appointment  $300Set by/Paid to Scan VendorSet by/Paid to Scan Vendor
Prior to File Processing/Review  -0-$300$300
Upon Approval/Place Order  $700$700$700
DittoForm Completed/Prior to Shipment  $500$400+$500
TOTAL*  $1500$1400+$1500

*The Total does NOT include any applicable required sales/use taxes. This varies from state to state.

+There is $100 discount for using an Approved Scan Vendor recognizing your payment (regardless of the actual cost) to that Vendor.


All Payments are NON-REFUNDABLE. Placing an order is considered a commitment to paying the entire amount.

With apologies, I am not able to offer any other Discounts (including Referrals) at this time.


Approved Scan Vendors: Where are Approved Scan Vendors?

The cost of the scan is determined by the vendor (and paid directly to them). They do not receive a commission from DittoForm.


PersonalFashion LLC is an Approved Distributor. Scans by PersonalFashion include file conversion, review and approval. All costs are set by and paid to PersonalFashion. Any concerns regarding prices or service should be sent to DittoForm


Special Considerations:

While we do not charge extra to manufacture larger bodies – the shipping can be significantly more. Starting this year we will ask for those requiring larger than a standard 36″ x 18″ x 18″ box to pay the additional shipping costs. (Boxes 40″ x 20″ x 20″ can be $200+. We’ll find the best method and make appropriate arrangements). THIS WILL NOT APPLY UNLESS you have a torso longer than 34 inches (shoulder to bum) or your cylindrical circumference is over 60″.

CANADIAN CUSTOMERS: I can ship to Canada for an additional $100US. Duties and taxes would be the customers responsibility. This can be $300CAD – please do the research so you are prepared!



You will need to order a stand.

I recommend an economy IV pole. (Available via Amazon and local medical suppliers). It’s lightweight, inexpensive, has wheels and the height is adjustable.

For something more substantial (or prettier), I recommend seeing what Mannequin Madness (a black-owned, woman-owned enterprise in California) has in stock for Dress Form stands. With many thanks for the Discount code: DittoForm