PersonalFashion, LLC

Los Angeles, CA

Marina Gery


  Approved Scan Vendors






Software Tailoring

Santa Rosa, CA

Giovonnae Anderson


(707) 978-4986

DittoForm’s Distributors and Approved Scan Vendors have gone through an evaluation of their system and have trained their technicians in DittoForm’s protocols and standards. Their file output and scanning process have been determined to meet the quality results required for the production of a DittoForm.

Please contact each vendor for specific scan equipment questions and to schedule your scan.  Each vendor may provide additional services including other uses for the digital scan.


Distributors handle all scan and order processing. Costs are set by and paid directly to each Distributor.

Scan Vendors complete the scan. Costs for the scan are set by and paid directly to each Vendor. Once the scan is complete, the vendor will transmit your files directly to DittoForm. A DittoForm representative will call you to begin next steps.