Message from Carol Huls, President & CEO

DittoForm Michigan LLC

Thank you for your interest in DittoForm!

Allison Lince-Bentley*, a sewing instructor in the Washington DC area, wanted to find a dress form based on a real person’s body. In 2015, after many years of trying existing options, research and beta testing, she figured out how to make a custom-made life-size foam model, combining innovative 3D technology and traditional craft methods. She found a business partner (Mary Flynn) and formed DittoForm, LLC. They offered digital scanning and two types of custom forms: a DIY kit and a high-resolution version. By the end of 2016, the DittoForm team had collectively assembled over 200 dress forms of completely different, REAL people.

A feature article in Threads Magazine July 2016 introduced DittoForm to a wider audience – and it was Very Well received! Staff expanded to include several contractors for scanning and assembly. The DIY kit was discontinued and they focused on developing an even better high-resolution DittoForm. Production methods and the manufacturing process were improved to include precision carving, a custom-fitted cover with dressmaking lines, and a more stable hanging system.

In 2018, Allison and Mary sold the company to their production manager, Carol Huls (that’s me!). I had been working for DittoForm as the primary scan and assembly technician since the beginning. My background includes administrative, customer service, and management experience in a wide variety of corporate, retail and non-profit settings and roles.

I moved the base of DittoForm Michigan LLC (our current name) to Detroit. The city is perfect for growing and supporting female entrepreneurs, esp. in a clothing- and fashion-related manufacturing business. The energy here is amazing. I have established relationships with technology consultants, master crafts-persons, clothing manufacturers and fashion designers, as well as experienced sewists and instructors. It is an exciting time of innovation and expansion for DittoForm.

I feel amazingly blessed to operate a company where my creative abilities are used in tandem with my organizational skills, where my interest in learning and love of people make every day a joy.

When you are making custom dress forms, you quickly learn what you actually already knew: Each and every person is different. No one is standard.

And that is Absolutely Beautiful.

I look forward to meeting you!

Carol Huls


*  You can find Allison at Tilden House Studio in Brentwood, Maryland. She is a wonderful teacher!