DittoForm = Where No One is Standard

Launched in 2015, DittoForm was one of the first companies in the world to develop a viable product translating digital images of real people into accurate foam models – complete with asymmetries and unique landmarks. Our experienced team has manufactured over 500 DittoForms.

The past few years have been an exciting time of innovation.  DittoForm is now based in Detroit, Michigan, and benefits from relationships with design engineers and master crafts-persons – as well as the region’s growing fashion design and clothing manufacturing industries. In addition, we are traveling around the US to expand access to our personal scanning experience – a key feature to our success.

When you are making custom dress forms, you quickly learn what you already knew: Each and every person is different.

We help people see themselves as they are – without judgement words:

  • No one is Abnormal or Wrong.
  • We have similar parts – but You are made of Unique Features.
  • No one is Standard.

With that knowledge, you can create clothing and costumes designed for your body. Express your creativity. Have well-fitting garments. And most importantly, be comfortable knowing you are You.

And we think that is Pretty Awesome.

Carol Huls, President & CEO

DittoForm Michigan LLC