You stand on a slowly rotating turntable in a private room while the scanner measures your body and creates a 3D image
Body scan yields measurements instantly that we review with you
DittoForm (left) made from 3D body scan data (right)

The DittoForm is a durable foam dress form created from a 3D scan of your body. Here is how the process works:


STEP 1: You schedule a 3D body scan. Contact DittoForm to schedule the scan on a date and time that works for you. A $100 scanning fee is due at the time of scheduling. The scanning fee is applied to the total cost of your DittoForm.

Note:  Please check our schedule for upcoming scan locations. If you have a group of six or more people who are interested in a custom DittoForm and hope we come to your city, let us know.

DittoForms are also available through Personal Fashion in Los Angeles, CA.  Please check their site for details about their scanning system.

STEP 2: You dress for the scan. The camera measures the exposed surfaces, including clothing, so less is better.

We recommend that women wear just a bra (similar to what you wear most often) and underwear, pantyhose, or leggings. The 3D scanner cannot detect your body contours beneath your clothing. Wearing a tank top, for example, can smooth over cleavage and the curve of your spine. This can cause horizontal measurements such as your waist to be recorded as larger than it actually is. If you normally wear shapewear under your custom-sewn garments, you may prefer to wear it for the scan. Just know that the DittoForm will have the shape and size of what is exposed to the scanner. For men, we suggest form-fitting boxer-briefs or just briefs.

Unless your hair is short, please bring something to pull your hair up and off of your neck.

For more information, download this handy guide: Getting Ready for your 3D Body Scan.


STEP 3: We scan you. Our scanning technician will bring you to a private space, often with a curtained booth. The technician will stand on a turntable to show you where to position your feet and hold your arms. When you’re comfortable with how the turntable works, we’ll then close off the curtained area so you can undress to your undergarments. We ask you to stay still while the turntable spins, slowly, for about 45 seconds. A harmless infrared depth scanner measures your body as the table turns, generating a 3D image of you. We usually take at least three scans to check results and establish consistency.

Note: currently all our scanning technicians are female.

For more information, download this handy guide: Getting Ready for your 3D Body Scan.


STEP 4: We review the results and check measurements with you. While you’re still in the scanning booth, we compare the scan measurements with key hand measurements for accuracy. Because the torso expands and contracts while you breathe, we typically see results from the body scan within 1/4″ – 1/2″ of the hand measurements we take with you. For the measurements that change as you inhale and exhale (such as the bust areas, narrowest waist, and belly) we will document an acceptable range for your body’s natural fluctuations that you are comfortable with, and will ensure that the final form falls within this range.


STEP 5: You get dressed and go on your merry way.  Payment for the balance of the DittoForm plus any applicable sales tax is required to place the order. We commit to a turn-around time of no more than 8 weeks.


STEP 6: We edit the scan, cropping the head at the chin, the arms just past the shoulders, and the legs about mid thigh. The typical DittoForm once edited is 30″ tall from neck to mid-thigh.


STEP 7: We send the DittoForm for manufacturing.


All done! After 8 weeks your custom DittoForm is shipped to you and the fun begins!