Precision Carved, High-Resolution DittoForms

The full-size DittoForm is a precision-carved duplicate of your body scan, made from a durable, firm, yet flexible foam. The form captures a high level of detail, including elements like your collarbone, bellybutton, shoulder blades, and more. It has a matte grey knit cover, stretched taught over the from and seamed on the sides.

What makes the DittoForm different from other dressforms?

  • For starters, it’s you. Unlike other forms on the market that are built from standard measurements, the DittoForm is made from a 3D image of millions of points captured by the scanning sensor. It reflects the curve of your back, your posture, your shoulder-slope, and all your beautiful lumps and rolls. This means the form also includes important landmark references for you when fitting clothes or developing patterns.
  • It’s lightweight. Most forms weigh between 7-10 pounds, so they are easy to pick up, move around, or sit next to your sewing machine for company while you work.  The foam we use is very durable and very easy to pin.
  • We know bodies. Our process involves working closely with you to understand your shape and any special needs you may have, and we cross-check the measurements from the scan with hand measurements to make sure we results are good. We also know that human skin is squishier than the foam we use for our forms, so we talk with customers about their fitting needs to make sure the measurements of the final product meet expectations.
  • We are constantly innovating and improving. With a product like this, every body is different and there is always room for us to get better at what we do. Our customers are actively encouraged to give us feedback and ideas so that we can improve our process and our product.  We are thrilled by the intersection of technology and traditional craft, and are always working to stay on top of new developments in the world of 3D scanning.

Pricing for the fully-assembled DittoForm is $1,500.00 ($100 scan fee due at booking, $1400 + any applicable local taxes due at time of order)  *Includes free shipping to the continental United States


DittoForm (left) made from 3D body scan data (right)
High Resolution Dittoform
Custom dress forms for men and women made using 3D body scans.