DittoForm – the Company – has been in making DittoForms – the custom dress forms – since 2015.

Our high-resolution DittoForm made from a 3D body scan of an individual was the first of it’s kind available to home sewers. Our primary computer and assembly technicians have been with the company since the beginning. Over the years our experience has grown, our production techniques have been refined, and we have learned A LOT about bodies.

The founders and creative-minds behind the process, Allison Lince-Bentley and Mary Flynn, worked for several years beta testing various materials and construction techniques before making it available to the public. It immediately became a much-desired product. Threads magazine did a feature article highlighting Allison and her invention.

It all started with an obsession to make a better dress form. A dress form that can stand in as a true body double is kind of the holy grail for the home sewer. Having an accurate dress form can open the floodgates of your creative potential when it comes designing, making, and fitting your own clothes. You can easily and intuitively draft patterns for yourself that don’t require rounds and rounds of alterations, and you can fit garments made from commercial patterns with greater ease. Not only does that save you a lot of time and frustration (and money!) — now Sewing for yourself becomes really FUN!

The commercial dress forms available on the market today are based on unrealistic standards and none of them capture the subtleties of your individual body shape. Dress form alteration (padding) systems also have the challenge of starting from those industry based non-realistic standards.

At DittoForm, we know you are #definitelynotstandard. We take out the guesswork and our results are pretty awesome.

A DittoForm:

  • Captures your exact body dimensions from your mid thighs to your neck, including just below the shoulders, the area most relevant to making virtually any garment. This includes the slope of your shoulders, the arcs of your shoulder blades, and curve(s) of your stomach, hips and additional contours that other dress forms can’t mimic.
  • Is made of durable foam and easy to pin into
  • Include legs up to the mid-thigh for fitting and drafting dresses, skirts, tops, and pants
  • Is very lightweight (less than 10 pounds) and easy to transport
  • Comes with a fully adjustable stand so the form can rotate on a pole or be hung from the neck
  • Includes dress lines at the center front, center back, bust, waist, and hip  – along with extra materials for you to add additional markings that will help you with fitting and pattern drafting
  • Does not require a long (and sometimes physically taxing) fitting process like the tape or plaster-wrap forms. DittoForm’s Styku system scans take about 60 seconds. PersonalFashion’s Artec Eva Light scans take 5-7 minutes.
  • Work for men and women of any height or weight

We have worked hard to get the cost of the DittoForm at a price point that is accessible to the home sewer. Our original cost projections for our initial adopters were quite low. Prices have been set at the current rates to allow the company to establish viability, sustainability and be poised for the next stage of growth.

In 2018, DittoForm is making several changes to move towards those same goals. Carol Huls, the primary assembly technician and production manager from the beginning, is the new owner/operator. The production facilities are moving to Detroit, Michigan – a city full of new energy, enthusiasm and support for small unique businesses like DittoForm.

And – we’ll be bringing the scanning equipment on the road — bringing it closer and more accessible to our clients.

We look forward to meeting you and making you your very own dress form – a copy, a “ditto”, of you.



Carol Huls, DittoForm’s owner/operator, started with the company as the primary assembly technician and production manager. Having previously worked in a wide variety of positions in corporate and non-profit settings and roles, she has found her niche with DittoForm. Her organizational skills are a valuable asset and the creative side of the process gives her great joy. Carol’s interest in learning and love of people serves DittoForm well as she gains new insights from every customer.