Dittoform makes precision-carved form dressforms from a 3D scan of your body. Learn more about our product and process in this short video.

A DittoForm:

  • Works for men and women of any height or weight
  • Captures your body dimensions from your mid thighs to your neck, including just below the shoulders, the area most relevant to making virtually any garment. This includes the slope of your shoulders, the arcs of your shoulder blades, and curve(s) of your stomach, hips and additional contours that other dress forms can’t mimic.
  • Is made of durable foam and easy to pin into
  • Include legs up to the mid-thigh for fitting and drafting dresses, skirts, tops, and pants
  • Is very lightweight (less than 10 pounds) and easy to transport
  • Comes with a fully adjustable stand so the form can rotate on a pole or be hung from the neck
  • Includes dress lines at the center front, center back, bust, waist, and hip  – along with extra materials for you to add additional markings that will help you with fitting and pattern drafting
  • Does not require a long (and sometimes physically taxing) fitting process like the tape or plaster-wrap forms. DittoForm’s Styku system scans take about 60 seconds. PersonalFashion’s Artec Eva Light scans take 5-7 minutes.

With traveling scan events and scanning locations now in Detroit Michigan and Los Angeles, California, there are more ways than ever to get your own body double.